Traveling with Medfolio

Traveling with MedFolio


MedFolio: Compact, Portable and Convenient!

Some of the most important design features of the MedFolio Pillbox were the need for it to be compact and portable for easy transport to medical appointments and to provide convenience for individuals with busy lifestyles.

When you purchase a MedFolio Pillbox, a specifically-designed carrying case is provided in order to protect the device during transport.

Detach Individual Pill Storage Boxes

If you are a person on the go or are going away for a weekend jaunt and do not want to carry your MedFolio Pillbox with you, then simply detach the desired individual pill storage boxes.  To prevent confusion, each pill storage box is labeled with the day of the week. When the individual pill storage boxes are not housed in the device, e-mail and text message reminders can be utilized as reminder alerts for scheduled medication doses.

Stay Organized on the Go!

Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you can’t still properly manage your medications. Medication management and adherence is even more important when traveling away from home, and MedFolio provides you all of the necessary tools to keep your medications organized while on the go.