Track Medication Adherence

Track Medication Adherence


Ensure that the Right Pill is Taken at the Right Time

The remote adherence tracking feature was designed to assist patients, caregivers, and their families to ensure that the right doses of medications are taken at the right times. When scheduled medication doses are due to be taken, the MedFolio Pillbox can report medication adherence behavior remotely so that families have added peace of mind.  How does this work?  The dose-taking event is either recorded by the MedFolio Pillbox when the patient pushes a button to turn off the alerts or when the patient acknowledges they consumed the dose through the interactive email and text messaging reminder system.  Real-time medication dosing records are communicated to our secure cloud server so that caregivers and families can remotely determine whether medications are taken on time, late, or missed altogether by the patient.

This feature is especially helpful when caring for people who often forget or resist taking their medications.

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