Text/Email Reminders

Text Message and Email Reminders


Electronic Messaging System

The electronic messaging system is an optional reminder system for the MedFolio Pillbox. To aid in medication management, the MedFolio electronic reminder system provides the added benefit of sending e-mail and/or text message reminders at scheduled dosing times to patients and caregivers.  Subscribing to the electronic messaging system allows for:

  • The option to receive only e-mail reminders, only text message reminders, or a combination of both messaging systems.
  • The option for caregivers to receive e-mail and/or text message alerts if the patient has forgotten to take their medications after a pre-specified period of time.
  • The ability to capture medication adherence data by offering users an e-mail and/or text message link to record whether medication doses were taken “on time,” “late,” or “missed.” Captured data can be monitored remotely by loved ones and caregivers.

Maintain Your Busy Lifestyles without Missing Important Medications