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The MedFolio Wireless Pillbox is our low cost option to manage your medications, both in person and remotely.

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Description: The MedFolio Wireless Pillbox is a medication organizer, identifier, and reminder system, storing seven days of solid medication separated into four daily dosing intervals. The MedFolio Wireless Pillbox connects to any personal computer using a provided USB cable and a downloadable software program allows the user/caregiver to easily connect the pillbox to their home wireless router. Once a successful connection is achieved, the user/caregiver is directed to a web application in order to customize the pillbox to their specific medication regimens and dosing times.



  • Stores 7 days of solid medication separated into 4 daily dosing intervals: morning, noon, evening, and bedtime
  • Extra deep pill storage compartments can hold up to 20-25 aspirin-sized tablets
  • Built-in baskets within each pill storage compartment aids in delivery of medications from device to hand of patient
  • Detachable pill storage boxes provide ability to carry daily medication supply
  • Patented built-in medication identification display provides portfolio of every medication stored in device (accommodates up to 16 different medications)
  • Easily accessible web application customizes pillbox to patient’s specific medication regimens and dosing times
  • Remote program pillbox using any internet based computer or mobile device
  • Receive medication reminders via visual LED-lighting system, audio beeps, and electronic messaging (e-mail, text messaging)
  • Sends optional e-mail and text messages to caregivers in the event of missed doses
  • Monitors medication adherence at each dosing interval. Loved ones/caregivers can monitor real-time records remotely via secure cloud server to determine whether medications are taken on time, late, or missed altogether
  • Allows visual and audio alerts to be turned off early if users wish to take their medications early due to altered sleep patterns, activities, or business meetings.
  • Comes with carry case, USB cable, and AC adaptor



  • Size: 14.4” long, 7” wide, 2.3” high
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista Professional, Windows 8, Mac-OS 10.7 or later.
  • Installation requires use of computer with a USB 2.0 port, DVD/CD drive, and internet connectivity
  • Secure wireless connection (WPA home router) or personal mobile hot-spot required
  • Pillbox required to be plugged into power source at all times in order for wireless communication to occur between pillbox and cloud server and for real-time medication adherence to be monitored


Monthly Fee:

$2.99 – if you subscribe to e-mail/text message dosing reminders and caregiver missed dose alerts

Monthly fee is waived if you do not require an electronic messaging subscription


Additional information

Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 6 in


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