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The MedFolio Cellular Pillbox offers the patient and their caregivers the ultimate convenience of “plug and play” features.

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Description: The MedFolio Cellular Pillbox is a medication organizer, identifier, and reminder system, storing seven days of solid medication separated into four daily dosing intervals. Simply plug in the MedFolio Cellular Pillbox into any wall outlet to establish a secure cellular connection between the pillbox and our secure cloud server.  The patient/caregiver will then access our easy to use web application in order to customize the pillbox to their specific medication regimens and dosing times.



  • Stores 7 days of solid medication separated into 4 daily dosing intervals: morning, noon, evening, and bedtime
  • Extra deep pill storage compartments can hold up to 20-25 aspirin-sized tablets
  • Built-in baskets within each pill storage compartment aids in delivery of medications from device to hand of patient
  • Detachable pill storage boxes provide ability to carry daily medication supply
  • Patented built-in medication identification display provides portfolio of every medication stored in device (accommodates up to 16 different medications)
  • Easily accessible web application customizes pillbox to patient’s specific medication regimens and dosing times
  • Remote program pillbox using any internet based computer or mobile device
  • Receive medication reminders via visual LED-lighting system, audio beeps, and electronic messaging (e-mail, text messaging)
  • Sends optional e-mail and text messages to caregivers in the event of missed doses
  • Monitors medication adherence at each dosing interval. Loved ones/caregivers can monitor real-time records remotely via secure cloud server to determine whether medications are taken on time, late, or missed altogether
  • Allows visual and audio alerts to be turned off early if users wish to take their medications early due to altered sleep patterns, activities, or business meetings
  • Comes with carry case, USB cable, and AC adaptor



  • Size: 14.4” long, 7” wide, 2.3” high
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Installation requires use of computer or mobile device with an internet connection
  • Pillbox required to be plugged into power source at all times in order for cellular communication to occur between pillbox and cloud server and for real-time medication adherence to be monitored


Monthly Fee:

$9.99 for cellular data plan (includes unlimited e-mail/text message dosing reminders and caregiver missed dose alerts)



Additional information

Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 6 in


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