Self-Management Devices

Medication Self-Management Devices


MedFolio was Designed by a Veteran Pharmacist

The competitive advantage of the MedFolio Pillbox is that it is a device that was designed by a veteran pharmacist who has effectively worked with patients with medication compliance issues.  It is also a device that was inspired by a pharmacist-patient relationship, providing a solution to the medication compliance problems that plague our healthcare society today.

MedFolio Makes Medication Management Simple and Convenient

With the MedFolio Pillbox, patients are offered several new unique strategies in taking control of their medication management.

  • The convenience of transporting their medication storage boxes and medication identification system all in one device.
  • The development of pill baskets within the medication storage boxes to allow for the transfer of medication from the device to the hand of the patient.
  • The empowerment of communicating their medication utilization effectively with their healthcare providers.
  • The ability to bring healthcare providers up to speed quickly on medications, so that time spent in the clinic visit is in the best interest of the patient’s health.
  • Allows healthcare providers to double check that the filling of the pillboxes is accurate.
  • Ability to be reminded of medication times by audio alerts, a unique LED lighting system, and electronic media (e-mail and text messaging).


Make Medication Management Successful with MedFolio!

All of these tools enable you to succeed in your medication management. No other pillbox combines unique pill identification technology, electronic medication reminders and easy-to-use software to aid in your medication adherence.