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MedFolio Cares Program


The MedFolio Cares Program provides patients, caregivers, and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area with a personalized way to successfully utilize the MedFolio Pillbox at home. With multiple plans to best suit your in-home medication management needs, our program helps ensure that you or your loved one takes the “right dose” of medication at the “right time.”

openquote_marksThis program reassures families and healthcare providers that the medications taken at home make sense and that pillboxes are filled accurately.  In the home environment, there is a benefit to the health care industry of a pharmacist’s watchful eye to make sure everything is right on the medication front.  This means that medications are being taken on a regular basis, refills are ordered on time, and that there are no potential drug interactions, unwanted side effects, or duplication of therapy.  These problems are prevalent in society today, especially when patients are seeing multiple doctors in multiple facilities, and utilizing the services of multiple pharmacies.closequote_marks

– Julie Fulmer-Mason, President of MedFolio, LLC


The MedFolio Cares Program has two plans – an in-home pharmacy visit plan and a pillbox leasing plan. Both plans include the following services:

Setup and Consultation Visit (Initial Visit): A licensed pharmacist will visit you in your home to set up your MedFolio Pillbox or generic pillboxes and to review and reconcile your medications. They will educate you and/or your caregiver(s) on the use of the device and may recommend ways to simplify your medication regimens.

Remote Device Monitoring A member of our customer service team will monitor the device remotely to ensure that it is being used regularly and properly. Action is taken if the device has not been used in within 24 hours.

Remote Programming A member of our customer service team will program your device remotely if your medication regime changes.

Monthly Adherence Report Each month you will receive a report that details how well you or your loved one has been using the device. This report includes a current home medication list and possible suggestions to improve one’s medication adherence.


Home Visit Plan

A licensed pharmacist will call in refills to your pharmacy and pick up your prescriptions when they are ready. They will visit you in your home and refill your MedFolio Pillbox or generic pillboxes with a month’s worth of your medications. Reminder phone calls will be provided if the patient misses medication doses by over an hour.

Cost: $90-120/Month + Initial Visit Fee

Pillbox Lease Plan

Patient or caregiver is responsible for calling in the refills, picking up prescriptions, and filling the pillboxes. Remote programming support is provided 24/7 if medications change during a doctor’s visit or upon discharge.

Cost: $28/Month (Wireless Pillbox) or $35/Month (Cellular Pillbox) + Initial Visit Fee

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