Share Medication Records

Share Medication Information with Healthcare Providers


Prevent Inaccurate Healthcare Records

It is essential that healthcare providers stay abreast of the medications that their patients are prescribed, especially if they seek care from multiple healthcare providers, medical clinics, and/or pharmacies.  Currently, medical records are usually not shared amongst healthcare providers in different offices, hospitals, and healthcare organizations.

Patients that do not take the initiative to routinely provide a list of medications to their healthcare providers can have surprisingly inaccurate medical charts.  As a result, medical chart inaccuracy can lead to detrimental medical care of the patient.

Built-in Medication Identification System   

The MedFolio Pillbox is a revolutionary medication management system that provides a unique built-in medication identification system. Our medication identification tools provide the healthcare provider with a quick list of current medications, and also serve as a communication tool between the patient and the healthcare provider for more informed medication discussions.

MedFolio: Pill Organization and Alerts Made Simple

Traditional medication organizers simply store your pills for a given time. With MedFolio, your medications are clearly organized in a unit that not only alerts you at each dosing interval, but identifies each medication using our patented medication identification technology.

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