A Message From Our President…

We established MedFolio LLC in 2008, and marketed our first medication management device, the MedFolio Electronic Pillbox, in January 2011.  Since our first product launch, we have continued to innovate!  In January 2013, we introduced the MedFolio Wireless Pillbox, followed by the MedFolio Cellular Pillbox in April 2015. Our newer product lines utilize the same great design features; however now offer the convenience of remote programming and accurately reporting medication adherence behavior in real-time 24/7.  Additionally, we have instituted a pharmacist in-home visit service and a pharmacist online installation service to assist patients and their caregivers in successfully utilizing the MedFolio Pillbox and its many features to ensure that the “right doses” of medications are taken at the “right time” at home.

Julie Fulmer-Mason, PharmD

Julie Fulmer-Mason, PharmD

Over the next several years, our current healthcare system will be challenged by the population surge of aging baby-boomers requiring acute and chronic healthcare services. As a consequence, patients and caregivers need to take an active role in advocating for care that best meets their specific needs. The introduction of the MedFolio Pillbox will not only play an integral role in improving medication compliance by providing advanced medication dosing reminders. Additionally, this device will offer the patient and their healthcare providers accountability for the chronic disease medications prescribed, and will empower the patient in knowing that they can understand and effectively communicate their medication utilization. In the end, our philosophy is simple…..giving patients the ability to take control of their medications in order to not only improve the quality of care during healthcare visits, but the quality of life at home as well.

Our Guarantee

The MedFolio Pillbox was designed and manufactured using quality products to ensure that it meets the standards of our customers and the healthcare industry. It is covered by a comprehensive one-year warranty and can therefore be replaced if it is determined to be damaged or malfunctioning.

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