MedFolio for You

MedFolio offers patients an easy way to organize medications with customized reminders and alerts


MedFolio for Families

MedFolio provides the comfort of knowing that loved ones are taking the correct medications


MedFolio: A Tool for Doctors

With adherence tracking and organization, MedFolio provides doctors with accurate information

Welcome to MedFolio

MedFolio is a medication management device that signifies a time when the old-fashioned “pill box” meets the 21st century. Stylish and sleek, this medication organizer will alert you to take your next dose of medications with an audible sound and a unique visual LED-lighting system.

For those patients with active lifestyles, receive your medication dosing reminders by e-mail or text messaging. In order to improve communication lines between patients, their loved ones, and healthcare providers regarding medication history, a one of a kind built-in medication identification system is right at your fingertips.


San Francisco Bay Area In-Home Pharmacy Visit Service

The MedFolio Cares Program provides patients, caregivers, and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area with a personalized way to successfully utilize the MedFolio Pillbox at home. With multiple plans to best suit your in-home medication management needs, the program helps ensure that you or your loved one takes the “right dose” of medication at the “right time.”


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