Fill and Refill Prescriptions

Fill & Refill Prescriptions


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Now, through a partnership between MedFolio and Pacific Healthcare Pharmacy Group, it’s even easier to fill, refill and track your prescriptions via a new medication management system. The new system has three parts:

  • MedFolio’s electronic/wireless pillbox;
  • A doctor-supervised medication delivery and management program;
  • Secure, cloud-based notification system

PHPG will deliver medications in the MedFolio pillbox to a medical facility or a patient’s home. Included in the service is a prescription review by a pharmacist for possible conflicts and interactions and follow up within 48 hours by the pharmacy. Continued support on a bi-weekly basis will assist in the safeguarding of patients. Other benefits to patients and their caregivers include:

  • Medication Management - Coordinates medications prescribed by multiple doctors to prevent contradictions and interactions.
  • Compliance and Ease of Use – The MedFolio Pillbox is designed to ensure the correct amount of medication is dispensed and track multiple medications taken at different times during the day.
  • Electronic Medical Records – Electronic medication management enhances efficiency while ensuring patient safety with access to medical records and documentation for doctors and medical community.
  • Care Continuum Pro - PHPG’s web-based pharmacy application enables efficient prescription requests and order refills, conflict resolution, bill access, utilization analysis, consultant reports, a variety of resources and full records of all medications delivered to a facility or home.
  • Monthly At-Home Delivery (auto-refill) – Patients can schedule medication deliveries each month.
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